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Behind every unforgettable handbag, shoe or belt is a skilful job of craftsmanship creation that starts with the choice of materials to be used. That is why the Nova Emme team is constantly engaged in the research, development and processing of the best Italian fabrics for the production of highly customizable designs. Attention to every detail: from the finest finishing details to the most innovative synthetic fibre processing techniques, in line with the most advanced production technologies and with the trends inspired by high fashion.

The production of fabrics, linings and accessories for handbags, belts and footwear is inspired by the search for something exclusive and increasingly customizable, in order to offer highly competitive products but, at the same time, with great craftsmanship and quality.

The Nova Emme product range is very extensive and consists of:

  • Synthetics: synthetic fabrics are polyurethane coagulates, available in both mono-stretch and non-stretch version. Their use is adaptable and ranges from leather goods (production of handbags, wallets, etc.), to footwear and the production of belts. The effects which can be applied are many; among these are the “coconut” effect for Baby Croco, the “brushed calf” effect for Shock, the “braided” effect for Interlaced and many more. Each effect gives a different appearance to the product and, consequently, to the final ensuing object, for a different result every time and thus unique and exclusive.
  • Accessories: our accessories are distinguished by the extensive range of choices: selected and made paying attention to every detail, they are ideal for finishing leather goods, belts and footwear.
  • Fabrics: we produce cotton or mixed polyester fabrics, obtained through the combination of different fibres and different processing. The items are distinguished by their complexity of execution and customization possibilities. These are fabrics used for leather goods, footwear production a n d belt production. The effects which can be applied to these fabrics include glossy sequins, custom designs, processing mixes and digitally printed patterns.
  • Linings: we make linings for the production of handbags, wallets, accessories, etc. The linings consist of fabrics ranging from cotton to polyester, as well as nylon, available in plain colours or with special patterns. Also in this case the fabrics can be customized according to the customer’s requirements and needs. Every processing phase is exclusively Made in Italy.

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